Known Issues

The latest version of TumbleOn is version 3.5.5. It was released on March 16, 2013. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version on your device and then review these known issues.

If you find an issue in the app that we’re not aware of, please email us!

Known Issues for 3.5.5

There are no known issues with this release, it fixes the follower/following lists showing many “invisible blogs” bug that affected previous releases

14 thoughts on “Known Issues

    • Hi, currently you cannot save an animated gif to your camera roll. A workaround for this is to email the photo instead or use iMessage to send a link to the URL (which can be found by opening in Safari on iPad).

  1. Hi I love Tumble On but after the update, both apps for iPhone and iPad doesn’t work, I can’t log in. Just wanted you to be aware of this bug.


  2. Why does the Tumble On URL always appear with my photo uploads regardless of whether or not I turn it off or on in the settings page?   I do NOT want it added to my photos and if I can’t turn it off then what’s the point of creating the on/off switch in the first place?

    • Hey Mike,

      Is this the problem you are seeing? Reblogs with added captions always have tumbleon link. – this is not a bug, if you reblog an post from another blog with tumbleon links already in it, you cannot change that other blog’s caption in your own reblog.

      Let me know if you are seeing something else.

    • Hi,

      We added this alert for people because over time if you set your clock manually, your clock can get out of sync with Tumblr’s servers. If you use the automatic clock setting feature, you won’t ever have trouble with logging into the app. Let me know if you are still having issues.


  3. Unable to login and “link” my tumblr account with the tumbleon app… Any ideas?

    I tried resetting my password, tried removing and reinstall app. And still can not link. I am able to log into on chrome on my iPhone 4s


  4. I have a question : If I am logged to Tumbleon with blog1 and blog2 and I click to reblog a post I liked with say, blog1, it will pop-up a small reblog window with a “switch” button at the right upper corner. I will expect that ” switch” will allow me to redirect the reblog to either blog1 or blog2 ( so I can post my “like” to any of my two blogs . However , the switch button does not allow any switch. It stays with the blog where the liked post is . Please explain then what is the scope of that “switch” thing , that does not switch at all
    Thank you

  5. I can´t “like any pictures”. the screen says “Like Failed”. I retried liking a post, continues to appear the same thing. Help!

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