App Features

TumbleOn is the best Tumblr App for iPhone and iPad. See many of our app features in action on our Videos page.

★ Explore and discover great photos, fast ★

This app features great ways to view great photos.

  • Quickly swipe through high-res pictures from your favorite blogs.
  • Tap a photo to view larger, and swipe to view more while in full-screen mode.
  • View more than 100 great photo blogs we recommend by browsing the Explore “Staff Picks” section.
  • Discover more great blogs by analyzing a blog’s posts to find other great blogs.
  • Find new blogs visually, with the “Explore” feature which previews 4 or 5 photos.
  • View your Tumblr dashboard, likes, and your own blogs by logging in with your Tumblr account and viewing the “My Stuff” Explore section.
  • Easily access your favorite Tumblr blogs by Bookmarking them in TumbleOn, just like you’d bookmark a webpage in your browser.
  • Create blog groups to view several blogs at once. new in 3.0
  • Easily see which posts are new since the last time you viewed a blog.
  • Quickly visit a tumblr blog using the “Blog Lookup” feature. new in 3.0

★ Share your favorite photos, easily ★

This app features great ways to share your photos.

  • Share images by reblogging, liking, emailing, or saving them to your device.
  • Upload your own great photos from your device’s camera or camera roll. new in 3.0
  • Reblog posts immediately, or queue them. Add your own commments while you reblog. new in 3.0
  • Quickly share a post right from the image stream with a long-press to bring up the quick share controls. new in 3.0

★ More great features ★

This app features even more great things.

  • View animated GIFs, and photo sets with more than one photo in a post. new in 3.0
  • View a blog in slideshow mode, turning your iPad into a digital picture frame. iPad only
  • View captions for posts in Safari or TumbleOn.
  • Multi-account support, with following and follower support.
  • Choose how many rows of images show in the image stream. new in 3.0
  • Configurable HD image setting for slow networks. new in 3.0
  • Password lock screen protects your privacy.

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