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Did you find a bug?

If you’ve found a bug, or the current version of TumbleOn is giving you trouble, please check out our known issues page for help.

What is TumbleOn?

TumbleOn displays pictures from Tumblr in an immersive image stream.

With TumbleOn and your Tumblr account, you can find and share hilarious and beautiful images.

TumbleOn, like the Tumblr service, encourages you to explore great pictures and be inspired.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a great online social blogging service that supports pictures, videos, links, and text blogs.

Still confused? Check out the main Tumblr website, or read about it on wikipedia.

Getting Started

The easiest way to learn about TumbleOn is to watch the following video:

You can learn about TumbleOn by viewing screenshots on our Tumblr blog:

If you have any questions at all, please, email us (, so we can help you, and make TumbleOn better!

How can I find great blogs?

TumbleOn features many categorized groups of our favorite blog suggestions in the Staff Picks section. Tap on a staff pick group to view blogs in that group, then tap on a blog to view it, or tap the view group icon at the top of the screen.

You can also find great content by simply looking up your favorite key words or phrases in the Tag Lookup section. A great first tag to lookup is Business Cat, or LOL. Go on, try it!

Why should I login to Tumblr?

You don’t have to login to your Tumblr account to enjoy great photos in TumbleOn.

You only need to login if you want to use Tumblr’s reblog, like, follow, or dashboard features within TumbleOn.

TumbleOn is not collecting your Tumblr account information. Your credentials are sent straight to Tumblr’s servers, not ours.

What is My Dashboard?

With Tumblr, you can follow people, similar to how Twitter works. When you do this, Tumblr makes a dashboard for you that shows you the 300 latest posts from the blogs you follow. You can view your Tumblr dashboard from the TumbleOn application when you are logged in.

You can follow and unfollow any Tumblr blog by selecting Follow or Unfollow from the blog actions popup.

You can only view your dashboard or follow/unfollow within TumbleOn if you are logged into your Tumblr account.

You can view your followers and blogs you’re following by selecting Explore from the main menu.

What are tags?

Tags are keywords used to describe a photo.

You can find great content from many blogs across tumblr by using the Tag Lookup feature and typing something such as Business Cat.

You can also add tags to your posted photos or reblogged posts. For example, an image may be tagged with #panda or #cute.

What is bookmarking?

Bookmarks in TumbleOn work just like bookmarks in your web browser on your computer.

You can bookmark and unbookmark a blog by selecting the appropriate blog action for that blog. This is a different list than your Tumblr followers. You do not have to be logged in to bookmark something, and bookmarks remain even when you are logged out of Tumblr.

What is reblogging?

If you see a picture you like, you can reblog it to your own Tumblr blog. Reblogging is Tumblr’s way to easily share content with your friends.

You can reblog a photo by tapping on it and then tapping the reblog icon.

You can only reblog a photo within TumbleOn if you are logged into your Tumblr account.

Tumblr sets limits to the number of items you can reblog in a day.

What is liking?

If you find a photo you like, but don’t want to share the content on your own blog, you can simply like the photo.

When you like a photo, Tumblr tells the person who shared the photo that you liked it, and places the photo in your My Likes section.

You can like or unlike a photo by tapping on it, and then tapping the like icon.

You can only like a photo or view your My Likes folder within TumbleOn if you are logged into your Tumblr account.

Crashes & General App Slowness

Close Background Apps

Apps running in the background consume memory and processing power.

Consider closing some or all background apps if the on-screen application seems slow, choppy, or crashes frequently.

Do this by double tapping the home button, then hold your finger on an app’s tray icon until you see the little red x pop up. Tapping that x will close the background app, tapping it within the tray will not delete the app from your device.

Clean Push Notification Settings

Apps sending notifications to your device consume memory and processing power on the device.

Consider disabling notifications for some apps under the Notifications menu in the iOS Settings app.

Turn HD image loading off.

Loading HD images in apps like TumbleOn requires your device to work harder, using substantially more memory and processing power.

If you use an older device such as an iPhone 3GS, iPod 3G, or iPad 1, turning HD image loading off could help alleviate some crashes

Connectivity & Picture Load Speed

Apps like TumbleOn make many web requests to download the photos you’re viewing. 3G networks don’t like that.

Additionally, loading many photos takes considerable bandwidth.

For speed, and a lighter cell-phone bill, we recommend using TumbleOn on a strong wifi connection.

Known Issues

View known issues on our website. If there’s a known bug with the current version, we put information and workaround steps there.


Why can’t I see more photos in my dashboard?

Tumblr’s API limits third party apps such as TumbleOn to 300 posts in the dashboard, sorry.

Why can’t I view my own blog?

If you have a private blog, it can only be viewed if you are logged in.

I see “reblog failure” errors?”

Tumblr limits the number of reblogged items in your blog’s queue, as well as the number of reblogs you can make per day.

Why can’t I see all of my likes?

Tumblr’s API limits third party apps like TumbleOn from seeing more than 1000 of your likes, sorry.

What’s up with the “Debug Information” in emails I send to you guys?

This stuff helps us understand how the app is working for you when you write to us, and helps us answer your questions if you have a problem.

What about that ‘Blogs In Mem’, bit?

That’s a count of all of the blog information loaded in memory while TumbleOn’s working. It shows us how many blogs are loaded for accounts, staff picks, bookmarks, history, groups, and analysis.

We’re curious to see what kinds of counts we get from our users over time, in case it’d be worthwhile to cook up some code to manage blog info more efficiently.

Advanced Features

TumbleOn has several advanced features for the Tumblr enthusiast.

Many of these topics are covered in our video:

Analyzing Posts

Analyzing a blog’s loaded posts will show you blogs where posts were shared from, and tags used on those posts.

For example, analyzing a great video game themed blog might show you a list of 12 other great video game blogs you’ve never heard of, and great tags such as #Nintendo or #Call Of Duty.

This feature rocks, but it can be hard to explain. To anaylze a blog, simply tap the blog’s icon in the image stream, then select “Analyze Reblogs”.

You can switch the analysis list to show reblogs, tags, and blogs by tapping the Actions at the top of the list. You can also quickly view the first 5, 10, or 20 results in the list by selecting the appropriate action.


With TumbleOn, you can view a group of blogs at once. You simply create a group, add blogs to the group, and view the group.

Get started creating a group by selecting Groups from the navigation menu.

Like bookmarks, your groups are stored on your device and are not shared with other Tumblr or TumbleOn users.

New Images

TumbleOn tracks image counts and view times as you view blogs (or groups) within the app. This enables TumbleOn to determine how many new images are in a blog when you next view it.

While viewing a blog, new images will be highlighted with a blue border, while images previously seen will have a normal tan border.

Why aren’t there new image counts for my dashboard?

Tumblr’s API does not tell TumbleOn how many total posts there are for your dashboard, so we cannot determine new image counts for dashboard.

However, Tumblr does give us timestamps that make it possible to highlight new images in the dashboard with the blue border.

Quick Share

You can quick share an image from the image stream by long pressing on the photo rather than tapping it. This will popup TumbleOn’s quick share controls.

Blog Icon / Names Are Tappable

When you tap a blog, group, or tag’s icon, TumbleOn’s Blog Actions or Group Actions popups will appear. Blog Actions allow you to bookmark, follow/unfollow, and more. Group Actions let you add/edit blogs in the group, rename the group, and more. Tag Actions are similar to blog actions.

Blog Icon Flags

You will occasionally see little flags hanging over a blog’s icon in TumbleOn. Pink flags indicate the blog is bookmarked, and blue flags indicate that you are following the blog.

If the icon is very small, you’ll see a colored border. Pink borders indicate bookmarked blogs, blue indicates following, and a mixture of blue and pink indicates both bookmarked and following.

Animated Images & Photo Sets

TumbleOn supports animated GIF files and photo sets with more than one picture in a single post. These are indicated by the SET and GIF icons shown in the image stream.

Caption URLs

You can tap on URLs in a photos caption to view that URL in Safari. If you tap on a link for a Tumblr blog, you will also be able to view that blog’s content in TumbleOn.


You can take new photos or add photos from your camera roll. Once you add a picture you can add a coment. At this time, you cannot upload a set of images.

Looking for Help from previous versions?

3.1 and older help.

47 thoughts on “Help / FAQ

  1. This pretty specific, BUT… in the popup for reblogging, could you add the name of the blog I’m reblogging? Of course it’s possible to figure it out, but it’s a lot of extra steps… Since you put in the long-tap-reblog feature, it would be really smooth to just see the “Reblogged as (mysite) from (originator).” Thanks!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the feedback, we might have an opportunity to make this happen with a different change in a future release.


  2. Since you’re looking at the post metadata to create the My Dashboard view, how about bordering MY posts in another color (reusing the pink is fine), in addition to bordering posts I haven’t seen yet in teal? Or, even better, go one better than Tumblr and allow me to choose a setting: “[] Include my own posts in My Dashboard” – that would be even better!

  3. Is it possible to search for 1) blogs you don’t remeber full long name of or 2) blogs by tag in the iphone app version? if so how?

    • Hey Dan,

      1) Since Tumblr doesn’t have an API for searching for blogs, we can only find exact name matches.
      2) There is a tag lookup feature in the left nav where you can search for things like “cat” or “lol”. Is that what you are looking for?

    • 3G is referring to using your data plan rather than wifi. This can cause people to rack up a large bill if they aren’t careful, so we want to be extra sure people are aware when they are browsing that way.

  4. As a user of both versions, I’d love to see iCloud syncing of Bookmarks, History, and Groups, so I can more seamlessly move between the iPhone and the iPad. (Settings wouldn’t make sense, I think, since those options are so device-specific).

  5. The image stream way is super for viewing images, do you know of any image viewer for viewing images on OS X or on the ipad that way? I mean own images then.

    I find Tumble On SUPER!!!!!!

  6. Tumbleon is AWESOME. also works smoothly on my 3 years old 3GS. One thing is annoying though: It always hint me “Memory is low”, Its good for the 1st time but its keep hint me every time I opend Tumbleon. and actually the app works fine on low memory of 3GS. How to disable that hint?

    • Hey Jason,

      This setting is coming soon in a version of TumbleOn. Sorry for the trouble in the meantime.


  7. Hey- I absolutely LOVE your app, but could you please try to fix the tagging to be like the ones on the tumblr app (when you can have a tag with two words in it, and making new ones with a comma). It gets a little annoying having to go back and fix my tags…

  8. Fast, and slick, only minor bugs. My wishlist would be:
    - Manage/view my queued posts
    - Manage/view my drafts
    Thats all, everythings else is close to be perfect. Thank you very much for this app

    • Awesome! Glad you like it. Both of those features are on the roadmap for the next release. Thanks for checking us out. -Amanda

  9. Is there a way to view slideshows in portrait mode instead of landscape? The slideshow would be great for my ipad stand, but I don’t like all the pictures being sideways :(

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the trouble with the slideshow. We don’t get many requests for portrait mode, but I will let you know if we add that capability. Thanks for checking out the app. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see.


  10. Hello! I love this app, first of all, but I have a question. How do I unfollow someone? When I click on a blog that’s on my dashboard, the little screen comes up with things like “bookmark” and “view in TumbleOn” but instead of saying “unfollow on tumblr” it says “follow on tumblr”. I’m already following this person, and I want to unfollow them. So how exactly do I do that? Also, is there any way to see my queue?

    Thank you for making such a great app!

    • Hey Tiffani,

      If you follow a whole lot of blogs, there can be issues with the app being able to know all of the blogs you follow. We had to make this trade off because of a technical limitation. I think that if you hit follow and then immediately unfollow the blog again you can trigger the app to unfollow. Not perfect, but it should be a workaround. Let me know if that helps.

      We are working to add the queue to a future version.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  11. Hi, I’ve been having trouble recently with the app. I liked about 40 posts on my iPad but when I got onto my PC, those posts just don’t exist. The like counts shows that I did like them, I just can’t see them. I then liked a few posts on the PC and those show up fine. I remember the last PC liked posts before I hopped on my iPad and between those and the current likes, the iPad posts that I liked are trapped in a “Loading Posts”. They also don’t show up on my likes page on the TumbleOn app Can I get some help?

    • Hey Randy,

      Unfortunately the app store only can distribute the most recent version of the app. We can’t distribute previous versions.


  12. Image post text is getting pretty spammy on Tumblr and I prefer to edit out some of the crap when I reblog. Not sure if their API will allow this, but when I reblog, instead of a text field that just appends to all of the existing text, put ALL of the text into the edit field so I can cut it down.

    Also: second the motion for Queue management. Reqd: View queue, delete post from queue. Nice to have: Update queued post (text, timing).

    • Hey Richard,

      We are looking into that API issue. It used to not be possible to edit the comment, but we will see if it is now since that is a common feature request.

      As for viewing queue and basic queue management, that is on our roadmap.


  13. Hi, congrats for a very smart app. 2 questions for the iPhone version:
    1. Is it possible to auto-rotate when looking at images?
    2. Would love the option to also see the comments when displaying the image. For example, by scrolling down while looking at an image.

    • Hey Hank,

      Thanks for the note. 1. We have this on our backlog, and will hopefully get it added to a future version. 2. At the moment the only way to view comments is to click the comment bubble, but it will overlay on top of the image. You can leave it on as you go from image to image.

      Thanks for checking out the app and for the feedback!


  14. Hey! I loooove this app and I use my iPad as much as my desktop. I’d like to use this to manage my blogs from there but I can’t figure out why I can’t see my tests posts, or any texts posts. I’ll have to find another way if that’s not available on this app. Can you help me out?

  15. How do I post a photo from my iPhone and include multi-word tags??

    I can post a photo and add the tags: “John” and “Smith” but I cant tag it as “John Smith” because the app takes the space that I type between the words as a breaking point for the tags…

    Am I missing some easy way of doing this or what?


  16. Do you think it would be feasible (in full picture mode) to simply tap far right to scroll forward and tap far left to scroll back. Swiping thru a lot of posts can actually get pretty tiring. Same goes for multi-image posts: could you tap at bottom to scroll down one image and at top to scroll up one? If you could make that work, that would be awesome! Of course, it’s already a great app–just a thought to make it even better.

  17. I really love tumbleon and I use it a lot on my ipad, its the best Tumblr app. I wonder if you are going to make a Android version? I have android phone and I never find any apps as good as Tumbleon. The official tumblr app is bad for browsing a lot of pictures and the pictures you are following.

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