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★ What is TumbleOn? ★

TumbleOn supports the latest iPad’s Retina graphics. See Retina mode shine with great HD images from Tumblr in TumbleOn! TumbleOn is the best image viewer for Tumblr on iPad. With other Tumblr apps, you’re limited to just viewing your dashboard, or tediously finding the Tumblr blogs you like over and over again. TumbleOn makes exploring new content and revisiting your favorite Tumblr photo blogs easy and fast. Happily get lost exploring streams of images in this beautiful, native interface.  Visual learner? Watch this video.

★ TumbleOn Premium Features ★

  • Supports iPad retina display, as well as iPad 1 and 2!
  • Swipe through pictures from your dashboard and favorite blogs.
  • Quickly swipe through high-res images.
  • Share photos by reblogging, liking, emailing, or saving pictures to your iPad.
  • Easily access your favorite Tumblr blogs by Bookmarking them in TumbleOn, just like you’d bookmark a webpage in your browser.
  • Quickly view or bookmark a great Tumblr blog by searching on the “Bookmarks” screen.
  • Find a new Tumblr blog visually, with the “Explore” feature which previews 4 or 5 photos.
  • View your Tumblr dashboard, likes, and your own blogs by logging in and viewing the “My Stuff” tab of the Explore section.
  • Find new Tumblr Photo blogs that our staff likes by browsing the Explore “Our Picks” section.
  • View animated GIFs.
  • View captions for posts in Safari or TumbleOn.
  • Multi-account support, with following and follower support.
  • Analyze a blog’s posts to find other great blogs.
  • Easily see which posts are new since the last time you viewed a blog.
  • Full screen digital frame slideshow mode.
  • Reblog with comments.
  • Password lock screen protects your privacy.
NOTE: TumbleOn ONLY shows pictures from a Tumblr blog, so other media types such as text or video posts are hidden in the image viewer.

★ About the Developers ★

TumbleOn is made by Pocket Sized Giraffe, LLC. Pocket Sized Giraffe is a team of 2 developers and a designer based in Austin, Texas. TumbleOn and Pocket Sized Giraffe are not affiliated with Tumblr (the company, or the service).